The name “Millipede” means “thousand foot” but even the biggest species has only 333 pairs of legs. These nocturnal scavengers often migrate in the fall, and commonly inhabit garden plots.

Millipede Treatment

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Millipede Description

What does a millipede look like?

A brown, segmented worm-like body, one to 4 centimeters long, with two pair of legs per segment.

Where do millipedes live?

Millipedes are found throughout the U.S. and live in damp environments. They most commonly live outdoors. They typically do not survive indoors for long periods of time.

Are millipedes dangerous?

Some species express a foul-smelling fluid through openings along the sides of the body. This fluid can be toxic to pets and small animals, and may cause blisters on humans.

How do I get rid of millipedes?

Reducing damp environments in and around your home is the most effective way to eliminate millipede infestations. Clear out grass clippings and leaf piles, and stack firewood above ground a good distance from your house.

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