There are many varieties of bees, including africanized bees, carpenter bees, honey bees, and bumblebees. Even though bees are beneficial insects which pollinate plants, they can also sting humans. And some species bore into wood, damaging decks and patios.

Characteristics of Bees 

What does a bee look like? 

Bees are winged insects. They can be black or brown, with stripes ranging from red or yellow to blue.

Where do bees live?

Bees are found in all regions of the U.S. They often live in the ground, creating a hazard for barefoot homeowners attempting to enjoy their lawn.

Are bees dangerous?

Some species can be very aggressive, especially when protecting their hive or nest. Many people are highly allergic to bee stings, and their sting is among the most painful of any insect.

How do I get rid of bees?

Because bees will sting when threatened, homeowners should seek out a professional rather than try to handle the situation themselves.

Bee Removal Experts in Louisville, Lexington, and Indianapolis

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