Bats are nocturnal creatures which can help keep the insect population under control. They can either be solitary or live in colonies. Bats are protected by law in most states, so homeowners should always contact a professional to handle any bat problem.

Bat Treatment

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Bat Description

What does a bat look like?

Bats are small mammals with leathery wings. They can range in size from less than 3” to over 7” long, with wingspans ranging from 6” - 15”.

Where do bats live?

Bats live in all areas of the U.S. They roost in naturally protected areas such as caves as well as dark, secluded areas of buildings.

Are bats dangerous?

Bat droppings pose a risk of disease, and some bats may carry rabies.

How do I get rid of bats?

Because bats are protected by law in most areas, and can carry dangerous diseases such as rabies, it is best to let a professional handle any bat removal.

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