Ants are considered by many to be the number one pest-related issue in the United States. Because of their size, population, and highly evolved social nature, ants are very difficult to control. However, with a little knowledge about the ant’s behavior, one can act to prevent and treat frustrating encounters with these anthropoids in your home.

Characteristics of Ants

What does an ant look like? 

Ants have narrow constrictions between their abdomen and thorax, as well as large heads and elbowed antennae.

Where do ants live?

Ants can penetrate a house through extremely small, unnoticeable cracks. Ants are after one thing and one thing only; food. They do not come in to escape the rain or cold. Ants enter your house in search of water, and sugary or fatty food substances.

Ants leave a trail of odorous pheromones so that their fellow colonizers can also find the food or water left behind in your home. Their trails are known as scent trails.

Ants can build their colonies virtually anywhere in or around your home. Here in the Ohio Valley, carpenter ants are one of the most prevalent and they prefer to colonize in dead wood, which includes your foundation. A colony of ants consists of approximately 300,000 to 500,000 individual ants. Ants are segmented into groups based on their job. Not only do ants live in large colonies, but they also live a relatively long time for an insect. The queen of an ant colony could live for 15 years, while a worker ant’s life span can last up to 7 years.

How do I get rid of ants?

Home improvement stores sell chemicals that kill ants, but those are only the ants you see. There are hundreds of thousands of ants in the colony that cannot be reached using these products. Ants do not get lost, if you see one in your house, you can be sure that there are thousands more waiting and hiding.

Get Rid of Ants Fast

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