The Chirping Nuisance

True to their name, house crickets can often enter houses and survive indefinitely. While they are considered lucky in some cultures, they can also be quite a nuisance, chirping loudly by rubbing their front wings together to attract mates.

cricket Treatment

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Characteristics of crickets

What Do crickets Look Like?

Crickets are yellowish-brown insects with powerful legs which allow them to jump like a grasshopper. They are usually ¾” – 1” in length, and are most likely to be seen at night.

Where Do crickets Live?

As nocturnal insects, crickets look for warm, dark places to hide. They are also attracted to fabrics, such as drapes, carpets, clothing or upholstery.

Are crickets Dangerous?

Crickets often make holes in fabric, and are particularly attracted to clothing soiled with perspiration. They can damage your curtains, carpets and soft furnishings.

How Do I get Rid Of crickets?

Changing to a yellow “bug light” porch light may help, as well as trimming grass away from your foundation and ensuring wood piles are as far from the house as possible. Insect baits can be effective at controlling crickets.

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