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Canine Inspection

Bed bug sniffing dogs have become a trending topic when dealing with bed bugs. Canine inspections can be useful in certain situations or circumstances where human inspections may be more difficult to achieve.

Please refer to the NPMA Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs as a guideline in which pest management professionals should follow with their bed bug practices especially when dealing with bed bug scent detection canine teams.

There are several key points to remember when dealing with canine inspections:

  1. Canine inspection teams can be useful in circumstances such as building wide inspections when a large number of rooms must be inspected in a time sensitive situation. They can also be useful in non-bedroom sites such as offices, theaters, schools, public transportation, & other unconventional areas where human inspections may be more difficult to peform.
  2. Canine teams must have the ability to detect both live bed bugs and bed bug eggs.
  3. Inspections should be performed by a canine team that holds a current, independent, third party certification in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Minimum Standards for Canine Bed Bug Detection Team Certification. This certification demonstrates the canine team's competence by an independent, third party. This is not a do-it-yourself training program.
  4. Canine handlers should be trained in bed bug biology, behavior, inspection methods and identification.

If you are interested in canine bed bug inspections, please feel free to contact us. While we do not actively employ a canine team on staff, we have the ability to bring in a third party canine inspection team to perform this inspection. This independent third party canine team has been professionally trained with the proper third party certification needed.