The #1 Pest Related Issue

Rodents present a tough challenge. Their teeth are designed to gnaw through any obstacle. Their bodies can fit through even tiny holes; for mice a dime-sized hole is all the access they need to enter your home. Complete rodent pest control requires sealing even the smallest cracks and openings. Once there, they can breed incredibly fast, quickly creating a major nuisance and a potential health hazard.

Rodent Treatment

Rodents are taken care of through the use of baits, mechanical traps, sticky traps and snap traps.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Characteristics of Rodents

What Do Rodents Look Like?

Rodents are small mammals with oversized incisors designed for gnawing, and small flexible bodies which can easily fit into small spaces. Rodents we handle include mice and rats.

Where Do Rodents Live?

Most rodents are ground-dwelling rodents. During cold weather, drought or other extreme conditions, these pests can seek food and shelter in your walls, foundation, crawlspace or attic.

Are Rodents Dangerous?

Mice and rats can carry diseases, including the hantavirus. In fact, rats have been blamed for the spread of the Black Plague in medieval Europe. In addition to the health risks, their teeth require them to chew constantly, which means they can seriously damage your home.

How Do I get Rid Of Rodents?

Traps, poison and other methods are available, although these present their own risks to the homeowner. Whenever you see one rodent, particularly mice, it is likely there are more, and they are extremely difficult to eliminate without professional help.

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What Our Customers Say

"We had OPC come to treat our house. They set a time to be there and they showed up at that time. They arrived on time and took time to explain what they planned to do and the amount of time it would take. They were very efficient and professional. The completed the job in the time promised. After the service they contacted us about the results and came back to our house in a couple of weeks to check to see if the problem was taking care of to our satisfaction. It was!!!"
Mr. Walter Knoop
"Very happy with my service and the techs were very nice and informative. Very helpful!"
Ms. Wilson
"We have a great service tech, Brian. He is very detail oriented and respectful of our residents. Brian will stay on the property until the job is complete, as he obviously takes pride in his work. We are very thankful to have him, working on our property."
Buckingham Apartments
"The best company I’ve ever worked for!!!"
Ms. Lauren Sturgill
"James is very thorough and always takes care of our issues. We can count on his service being top notch!"
Ms. Lori Taylor
"Great job...the exterminator was professional and polite!"
Mr. William Wilburne
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