How do I get rid of spiders?

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First, it is important to know that they are not very receptive to chemical agents or pesticides. They love to build their webs off the ground, so they rarely come in contact with any sort of pesticide that would be sprayed on the floor. Additionally, they do not have a circulatory system to distribute chemical agents to vital organs for a rapid death. To kill a spider, you must make direct contact with it via direct spray.

To kill spiders, one must eliminate its food source. Because spiders are predators, that means eliminating all other bugs. If you see a spider, contact your local pest control company to schedule an inspection.

Characteristics of Spiders

What Do Spiders Look Like?

Spiders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Spiders always have eight legs and a body composed of a head and abdomen.

Where Do Spiders Live?

Spiders can live anywhere in a home, though their webs are typically seen in crevices and closer to ceilings, as they place their webs where they are least likely to be disturbed by humans and more likely to catch prey.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Spiders are the most feared of the home invaders, and for good reason. A bite from a black widow or brown recluse spider can result in hospitalization, or even death. There are several facts about spiders that are important to know when trying to control their population.

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