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As you’re searching for the right pest control company for the homes in your community association, make sure you’re asking, “What else can you do for me?” That’s what sets Western apart. With our Board Certified Entomologists and satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure we’re treating for the right pest based on expert identification and will stand behind our work until you’re satisfied. Our dedicated personnel are here to make sure you are satisfied, too. You will have a main point of contact to make sure the homes you are responsible for are always safe from pests. To put it simply, we take care of all your pest issues so you always look good, your residents are always happy, and complaints are kept to a minimum. That’s the “more” you’ll get with OPC.
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  • Can deal with pests around water features and playgrounds
  • Will take care of your residents’ home so you always look good
  • Pest control in places like clubhouses and less used areas
Our technicians know where you will have the most pest pressures at the community you manage and that it’s your responsibility to hire the right exterminator to take care of it. The HOA is looking to you for services, inspection, and solutions and you are the one that will have to deal with the complaints. Thats why you need a pest management provider that can deal with insect, animals, and any other pest problem you may have. If you have water features, we can deal with the gnats and mosquitoes that can ruin the experience you’ve created for your residents. We also know the responsibility it takes to keep the playground safer to use for the young and the young at heart. In addition, if you have a clubhouse you’d like your residents to use (after all, it’s added revenue for your association), we can make sure rodents, flies, and cockroaches don’t make it their home between events. And of course, the most important part – your residents’ homes. We can keep your residents happy and healthy with pest control as well as a professional disinfectant services. No matter the issue or your policy around it, we’ve got you covered and will always make you look good.
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Because you manage many homes, the grounds, and satisfaction of the people who are lucky enough to live in your community, you have indoor and outdoor pests to contend me. No matter which pest you need controlled, we got you.
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“OPC employees have been very courteous and polite well-trained and knowledgeable about their job. I would recommend OPC.”

Daniel S.
Louisville, KY