Pest Control in Food Processing

Stay audit-ready, year-round.

Why OPC for food processing pest control

When searching for pest control services, you need more than a company – you need a partner. That’s what you get with OPC Pest Services. Because we take an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we choose from a long list of techniques and strategies to create a customized plan based on your food processing plant, your pest pressures, and your needs. We will even work with you and your employees to educate them on what they can do to help keep your building pest free. Because your reputation is just as important to us as ours.

You also need a partner that can give you more. Our highly trained and QualityPro® certified technicians are supported by Board Certified Entomologists and personnel dedicated to making sure you always look good, your employees and products are safe, and pest complaints are kept to a minimum. Your life will be made easier with custom pest control services, dedicated employees, and personal attention. That’s the “more” you’ll get with OPC Pest Services.
  • QualityPro Certified Technicians

  • 24-Hour Guaranteed Response

  • Board Certified Entomologists

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  • Environmentally responsible solutions
  • Understands audit pest control requirements
  • Clear service reports and online treatment monitoring
  • Frequent internal QA/IPM inspections and team audits
  • In-house staff training
Quality Managers know pests are more than just a nuisance — these unwelcome guests can damage food, spread disease, and lose contracts. OPC Pest Services knows how important pest control is to your Food Safety Plan. We start with a thorough inspection of your facility, both the exterior and interior, including any floor drains to see if you could benefit from bioremediation services, and provide customized solutions for your individual needs. We also have our new disinfecting service to keep your plant safe and healthy for your employees.

With our comprehensive solutions, we’re ready to handle the toughest pest control challenges that food processing plants can face. We can take care of rats, cockroaches, flies, and just about any other pest that can threaten a food processing plant like the one you manage.
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Pests such as cockroaches, rodents, and birds are frequent visitors in food processing facilities. But even a small pest issue can cause big problems for your audit score—and your bottom line. OPC will work with you to develop a program that helps keep your facility pest-free and prepared for third-party audits.
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“We have a great service tech, Brian. He is very detail oriented and respectful of our residents. Brian will stay on the property until the job is complete, as he obviously takes pride in his work. We are very thankful to have him, working on our property.”

Wimsatt B.
Louisville, KY