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How we deter birds

Birds may seem like a non-issue, but what you don’t realize is they carry many different kinds of diseases, and their dropping are both a health hazard and a slip and fall risk. Because you don’t want to hurt the house sparrows, starlings, or pigeons that may be hanging around, OPC has many humane bird control strategies to choose from to prevent birds. We know which tactic would work best? depending on the type of bird you have around your home. Learn more about each species that is most prominent in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

OPC bird reduction plan


Our bird control services start with evaluating your bird issue to assess what kind of bird problem you are dealing with, where they are, and why.


We will consider and identify the best possible bird management options for your home and provide you with a custom bird control service plan.

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We will install bird deterrents and exclusions, keeping in mind aesthetics as well as function.

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Why OPC?

We’re passionate about controlling birds around your home because we live and work here – it’s our neighborhood, too. With our years of experience keeping homes and businesses in Louisville, Shelbyville, Frankfort, Lexington, Southern Indiana,Cincinnati, and surrounding areas safe from pests, OPC has the experience you can trust.
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