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Category: Mosquitoes

Mosquito Information: Identification, Lifespan & Prevention
Did you know the Midwest is home to about 50 types of mosquitoes? Want to know what the most common species look like? We created the following guide on mosquito facts and control tips to give homeowners and business owners the information they need to help protect their families, employees, and customers from these troublesome pests.
If you’re worried about mosquitoes bothering diners on your restaurant’s patio or potential breeding sites within your hotel’s landscaping, we’ve got the answers. Check out our blog posts packed with helpful mosquito information to find accurate, trustworthy facts about these insects and learn how you can protect your patrons and guests.
Whether you want to know more about these pests and their behavior or simply want to keep the insects away from your home or business, our mosquito blog series is a great place to start. And, if it seems like mosquitoes are taking over your yard, garden, patio, or other outdoor features, contact OPC Pest Services for a free inspection.

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