Cricket Control in Your Home

Crickets belong outside – not in your basement.

Cricket Control in My Business

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How we treat for crickets

Cricket control in your home is only as good as the strategies employed. Our experts know what it takes to keep crickets out of your home. While crickets aren’t harmful, they are fast and can be intimidating to little ones and big ones alike. And the noises crickets make can make for some annoyed employees or sleepless nights at home. Let your conscious be your guide on this one and call us for cricket extermination.

OPC cricket reduction plan


Our cricket control starts with inspecting the places in your home that crickets are most likely to hang out and assessing how many there are.


Depending on the kind of cricket you’re dealing with, we will create a customized cricket infestation control plan to reduce their numbers.

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Crickets are covered under our Four Seasons™ program. It’s a set it and forget it way to handle crickets ongoing, all year long.

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Why OPC?

We’re passionate about controlling crickets in your home because we live and work here – it’s our neighborhood, too. We’ve been keeping homes and businesses in Kentucky, Indiana, and portions of Ohio safe from pests since 1972. OPC Pest Services has the experience you can trust.
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“OPC has kept the crickets and spiders in check in our 200 year old house. We use them on an annual contract and the results of their visits have been fantastic. Money well spent!”

Christopher Q.
Louisville, KY