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Too Early To Set Up Mosquito Control (no, it’s not)?

Your eyes are closed, you’re leaning back in your lounge chair, the warm sun is on your face, you can hear your kids giggling while they run through the sprinkler, you have a satisfied smile on your face and WACK! A mosquito on your neck?

Wake up. It’s still winter and you still have the rainy and cool spring season to get through. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about warmer weather. QUERY: Does your dream ever include a mosquito biting you? Never, right? Of course, it doesn’t. That’s because it’s a daydream. In reality, mosquitoes are a normal and natural part of the summer months. They love the humidity, they can lay their eggs in the smallest amount of standing water, and they live on human blood. So, what can you do about mosquitoes? We have some answers.

Set It & Forget It

Call to schedule mosquito treatments now. No, not to have treatments DONE now, but to get rid of mosquitoes when the weather starts to turn warm (think April/May). By calling your pest control professional now, you will be ready for BBQs, picnics, outdoor events, that graduation party (when did kids start “graduating” from kindergarten anyway?), or just sitting on the back deck reading a good book. No matter what you use your backyard for, if you set up mosquito treatments now, you get ahead of these nasty pests.

Continuous Mosquito Treatments

When you call to set up that mosquito treatment, be sure to choose the monthly option. That way, not only will you be ready as soon as the weather turns warm, but you’ll be good to go the whole season long! Again, this is your best bet to take care of mosquitoes and give you a swat-free backyard. The monthly treatments will take care of any mosquitoes that may have hatched nearby or those that flew into your yard in between treatments. With planning dinners every week, hitting up the (expensive) supermarket once a week, and continuously cleaning the house, it’s nice to have something on your list that has been checked off for months. Monthly mosquito treatments can be one of those things!

Help With Frequent Flyers

Mother and her cute little children playing with water with garden hose in a backyard

What if it rains soon after your treatment? What if the day after treatments, there are some super windy days? Mosquitoes are notoriously weak flyers, so a strong wind can move them along… down the road… into your yard. Womp womp, right? Wrong! Just add mosquito traps to your mosquito control treatment plan. The right mosquito traps have a product that will specifically attract female mosquitoes who land, getting the product on their stupid little mosquito feet, and then take it back with them to disperse to the other mosquitoes in the area – even their breeding grounds! That tactic should reduce the overall mosquito population in and around your yard – continuously! And bonus points if the product is green enough for the traps to be used anywhere around your home and yard – even near water sources! Keep in mind, greener products also will help mosquitoes in a greener, more sustainable way. And – we can’t stress this enough – adding traps to your treatments now… well, you can just fuggehtaboutit.

In addition to setting up early treatments for when mosquitoes do come out, you can also plan on some tactics that will help keep them at bay, as well. Use these simple strategies that will help mitigate mosquitoes. Listen, you may think it’s a little too early to be thinking about mosquito control. We get it. But while you’re wearing your comfiest chunky sweater in front of the fire, what’s on your to do list? Is there anything you can check off now? We think so: mosquito pest control services. Don’t worry about forgetting about mosquito treatments when you remember this early. You can put that on your to don’t list.

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