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Five Great Reasons to Choose OPC

If you’re in the market for a pest control company, you may have already noticed some unwanted pests in your home. At OPC, we’ve been keeping our customers’ homes pest-free for almost 50 years. Our expertise goes way beyond pest control, though. We also offer a variety of services designed to keep your home running smoothly. Below we’ll outline some of the reasons why you should put OPC at the top of your list.

1. Our Four Seasons™ Program Can Keep You Pest-Free All Year Around

Need a convenient way to make sure your home stays pest-free? Our Four Seasons program could be exactly what you’re looking for. And the best part? It’s fully guaranteed and we have four packages to choose from! You can also bundle our packages with some of our most popular services! So your package can be custom to your home’s needs!

Your Four Seasons package starts with a visit from one of our certified technicians who’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s structure to determine all pest activity and identify any conditions that are conducive to pests. Then, we’ll do an interior treatment designed to deal with any current pest problems. After that, we’ll treat the exterior of your home, including the foundation, around windows and doors, and the landscaping around your home. Our Four Seasons package includes one exterior treatment every three months. Click here to learn more about the different options available for our Four Seasons Programs.

2. Our Sentricon® Termite Program Protects Your Home Year-Round

At OPC, we use the Sentricon System to rid and maintain your home of termites for one reason – it’s the #1 brand of termite protection available. If untreated, termites can cause extensive damage to your home, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. That’s where our Sentricon Termite Program comes in. Once our experts install baiting stations around the perimeter of your home, the process of termite colony elimination begins immediately. While chemicals can break down over time, the Sentricon System provides year-round protection. OPC will also inspect your home annually to service each station and replenish termite bait as needed. And you can rest assured that it’s safe because the Sentricon System is also the only termite product awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for superior environmentally responsible chemistry. To schedule a free inspection and estimate, click here.

3. Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Yard and Off Your Family and Friends With Our Mosquito Management Program

Nothing can ruin time spent enjoying your yard like dealing with mosquitos. We’ve all dealt with the itchy, red welts that their bites leave behind. Fortunately, OPC can help keep them off your property and reduce their presence to an acceptable level with our Mosquito Management Program. Mosquitos are most active from April through September when you’re most likely to be enjoying your backyard. That’s why our Mosquito Management Program includes monthly treatments during these warmer months when you need them most. Our professionals treat the landscaping, foliage, and foundation around your property with a residual adulticide to reduce the population of mosquitoes in their resting sites. We also treat any mosquito breeding sites with a larvicide to prevent mosquito larvae from developing into adults. If you’re ready to enjoy being outside without all the mosquitos, contact us today to learn more about our Mosquito Management Program and set up a free estimate.

4. Our Crawl Space Care Improves Your Home’s Environment While Dramatically Reducing Pests

When was the last time you checked out your crawl space? If you’re like most people, it’s probably been a while. If there’s moisture in your crawl space it can create an environment that affects more than just the crawl space itself. It can create conditions that can cause your construction timbers to fail and also provide ideal pest conditions for termites, ants, spiders, rodents, and more. Moisture in your crawl space can also create uncomfortable humidity and allow mold and musty odors. To have your crawl space inspected, call OPC for a free inspection.

5. We Can Lower Your Utility Bills And Keep Pests Out at The Same Time

One call to OPC and you can pay less to heat and cool your home with the added benefit of keeping your home pest-free. How? Our professionals will inspect the conditions of your home’s current insulation and will install TAP Pest Control Insulation in your attic, which lowers your energy bills and provides protection from pests. That’s because our superior insulation is made from 87% recycled newsprint that’s energy star rated and treated with borates, a natural pest control product, that offers permanent pest protection in your attic. Another benefit is that it also provides sound protection from outside noise. If you have questions about our insulation services or would like to get a free estimate, click here.

OPC is Here for All of Your Pest Control and Home Care Needs

Here, we listed five reasons why you should choose OPC to keep your home pest-free and running smoothly, but there are many more. If you’d like a FREE estimate for any of the services listed above, give us a call at  (800)-964-PEST.

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