Wolf Spider Facts & Information

Everything you need to know about wolf spiders

The best way to identify a wolf spider is by its eyes (we know you don’t want to get close enough to see its eyes, but this is the best way, really). It has eight eyes total, with four in a row on the bottom, two large eyes above, and two medium sized eyes spaced out on the top and sides of its head. They can be pretty large, making you want to run to the phone for a spider exterminator. Just make sure you’re not getting just spider control. After all, they need things to eat and if they are in your home or business, that means there are insects for them to feed on.

Not the spider you have?

Where Are Wolf Spiders Found

Wolf spiders build retreats (holes or tunnels) in the soil usually under and between boards, stones, and firewood, under siding, and in similar protected areas. They are hunting spiders and only come out of hiding during the night to look for prey. Mating occurs in the autumn, and the males die before the onset of winter. The fertilized females overwinter in protected locations, including human-made structures, and produce egg cocoons the following May or June. The spiderlings hatch in June and July and will attain only half of their full size by the following winter. Wolf spiders will overwinter in protected sites and complete their growth the following spring and summer. Female wolf spiders may live for several years beyond the year in which they reach maturity. It is common to find the females carrying their young spiderlings on their backs during the summer months.

How Did I Get Wolf Spiders

The presence of wolf spiders in homes is usually accidental. Wolf spiders may enter structures in search of prey. Although they are not inclined to be permanent residents in structures, they often stay once inside. Indoors, wolf spiders tend to remain at or near floor level, especially along walls and under furniture. Outside, wolf spiders can be found under stones, landscape timbers, firewood, leaves and other debris. Any spider can hitch a ride in on a package or someone’s jacket or backpack. And even spiders that are large like wolf spiders can squeeze in through cracks and crevices and tears especially if they’re following prey. They aren’t associated with cleanliness or lack thereof.

Problems Caused by Wolf Spiders

Spiders – no matter what species – get a bad rap for just being scary looking. But the wolf spider is especially intimidating. They don’t cause any problems other than that, and are frankly one of the most beneficial spiders in our area. Wolf spiders will bite if mishandled or trapped next to the skin. Typical reactions include initial pain and redness with the potential for some localized swelling. Symptoms generally subside within 24 hours. No serious medical consequences of these bites have been noted. That doesn’t mean you want them in the house or break room with you! If you do have spiders and spider webs, it is an indication that there are other pests (their food) in your home or business. Keep that in mind when you reach out to a pest control company about spider control. Spider treatments are great, but they shouldn’t be only offering you that – they should also be treating for the insects the spiders are eating.

How Do I Prevent Wolf Spiders

Professional exclusion work can help keep all pests out, including wolf spiders. Unfortunately, most pests are small (even large ones like the wolf spider), so keeping them out can be difficult. They can scuttle in while you’re bringing the groceries in or if a door is propped open too long. And if they’re chasing prey for a meal, it doesn’t need to be open for all that long! Once they are in, glue traps can help capture them. But preventing spiders from getting in could be a losing battle. You can minimize with exclusion work and some common sense practices, but to truly take care of nuisances like wolf spiders, you’ll need a pest control professional.


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