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5 Signs It’s Time for Commercial Rodent Services

Since rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter and mice the size of a dime, they have no shortage of ways to get into as well as to hide in your business. Not to mention they are experts at staying undercover. That’s part of why they can be hard to spot.

Prioritizing the success of your commercial business and its rodent control means you have to stay vigilant for signs of activity. When you are on the lookout, keep in mind these five telltale signs you should invest in commercial rodent control:

  1. Droppings: The most obvious sign of a rodent presence is their capsule-like, pellet droppings. These dark droppings range in size from 1/10 of an inch to ¾ of an inch, and they can have round or pointed tips depending on the rodent they came from. While these droppings may seem like a minor issue with easy clean-up, it’s rodent poop that has many of the 35 diseases rodents are known to carry.
  2. Gnaw Marks: Armed with powerful teeth that never stop growing, rodents chew through all kinds of materials as a way to stop their teeth from growing too long. Holes in cardboard boxes and drywall, especially along the floor, are likely evidence of a rodent problem. That can cause some serious structural damage. Rodents have poor eyesight and therefore mistake electrical wires for blades of grass or stems of plants. If they choose to snack on electrical wires, they can create a fire hazard in your building.
  3. Grease Stains: Their poor eyesight also forces them to navigate where they are by pressing their bodies against surfaces along their path. And since they are so dirty, their bodies tend to leave grease marks behind, marking their trail. Over time, these grease marks can build up, staining walls and boxes along their route. The darker the stains, the more frequently rodents took that same path. The smell from those grease stains can be foul, too.
  4. Nests & Burrows: Rodents typically dwell in burrows or nests. To build a nest, rodents use materials like shredded paper, cardboard, and other soft materials – whatever they can find that will help them keep warm. Rodents also build their nests with safety in mind, choosing undisturbed, enclosed spaces. Indoors they may be found in false ceilings, wall voids, or among gaps in storage. While outside, nests can be found in trees, along the roofline, and as burrows, providing extra safety underground.
  5. Noises: Rodents can make a surprising amount of noise. From scratching to chirping and squeaking, these pesky pests can cause a ruckus. These noises, however, can be hard to hear over the sounds of your bustling business. The best time to listen for these noises is after hours, especially since rats and mice or typically most active at night.

Just one of these signs is reason enough to look into a rodent control plan for your business. With the help of the right provider, you can count on exclusion techniques to help keep rodents from infiltrating your business.

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