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Category: Rats & Mice

Rodent Information: Mouse and Rat Identification, Diseases & Control
Always hunting for food and shelter, mice and rats are happy to move into the Midwest homes, apartments, and commercial spaces. Since rodent species tend to have different nesting habits, identification is crucial to removal. Concerned about rats or mice? Get the facts on rodent infestations from the experts at OPC Pest Services.
Our rodent information guide gathers helpful rat and mouse topics all in one place. Read about the damage rats leave behind, or browse the rodent photo gallery to find the mouse species causing your problems. This handy mouse and rat guide can help you spot a rodent infestation and collect tips for prevention and control.
Living in close quarters with rodents is more than just unpleasant. Mice and rats can contaminate pantry goods and spread diseases to people. As a result, moving quickly to stop an infestation is key. Whether you have rats in the attic, mice in the basement, or rodents in your warehouse, call OPC Pest Services for a custom control plan and free inspection of your home or business.

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