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7 Steps to Preparing for Bed Bug Treatments

Check Off Your Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Checklist with These 7 Steps

Preparing your home or apartment for a bed bug treatment can be overwhelming. But by following these 7 simple steps, we can help you get through it easily.

Step 1: Collect all cloth-like items and place them in plastic bags. This includes linens, pillows, curtains, stuffed animals, etc. You will also need to remove all clothing items from each piece of furniture where clothing is stored – including closets and dressers.  Remove all clothing items from each piece of furniture where clothing is stored. Every closet and drawer should be completely empty to make sure no bed bugs are hiding! After placing all cloth-like items in the plastic bags, securely tie the bags and transport them to the laundry room. Run the contents of the bags through the dryer for a full cycle on the hottest setting possible. Throw away the plastic bags outside of your building.

Step 2: Move all your furniture 18 inches away from the wall towards the center of the room. Remove the cloth covers from the bottom of any box springs and chairs in the room and place in plastic bags. The technicians will also be checking and treating these areas if necessary, so make sure they are easily accessible. Again, be sure to throw away the plastic bags outside of your building.

Step 3: You will need to vacuum your floors. Use the crack and crevice tool under wall baseboards and around the edges of your rooms. This includes bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms – every room in your apartment. You will also need to vacuum the seams and surface areas of all sofa and chair cushions, mattresses, and box springs. Remove the vacuum cleaner bag and place in a plastic bag and secure tightly. Discard the vacuum bag outside of the building immediately. Any bed bugs you vacuumed up will be outside – instead of in your apartment.

Step 4: Detach all wall hangings such as photos, paintings, mirrors, fixtures, and electrical faceplates from the walls and leave them in the room.

Step 5: Loosen the edges of carpeting from the tack strip around the perimeter of the room. A utility knife or flat head screwdriver will help you check this step off.

Step 6: Remove as much clutter as possible from all rooms. This includes cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, paper and plastic bags, old newspapers, and stacks of magazines. Be sure to put them into tightly sealed plastic bags and discard them outside the building.

Step 7: Finally, place all non-fabric items from your shelves, closets, and dressers that cannot be put in the dryer into plastic bags and leave in the center of the room. This includes books, toys, electronics, stuffed animals, and other objects. Do not put anything on the bed as it can interfere with treatment of the mattress.

You’re now ready for your bed bug treatment! For your safety, you, your family, and your pets should be out of the house or apartment building for between 4 and 8 hours. Consult with your property manager and your pest control professional before entering the building.

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