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Meet Region Manager, Joshua Garcia!

Joshua, along with his family, took a chance and relocated to a whole new city from San Diego, California, and we’re all glad he did! As Region Manager, Joshua is dedicated to not only fostering and nurturing relationships with customers of OPC, but with the employees themselves as well. He told us, “I have enjoyed being in leadership roles for over 10 years. It’s always exciting to help others find ways to succeed.” We have seen it firsthand with him, so we know he walks the walk. But he’s also got the chops. He completed his undergraduate degree at Southern New Hampshire University and is currently scheduled to earn his MBA through Western Governor’s University in December of 2023. He also became an A.C.E (Associate Certified Entomologist) in December of 2022.

Joshua started with OPC Pest Services in June of 2021 as a general manager and was promoted to regional service manager in May of 2022. On October 1, 2023, he was promoted to his current position of Region Manager. Before settling in with OPC, he held positions in online education as both a manager and director of admissions teams. Five years prior to starting at OPC, he was a multi-branch manager at another pest control company. That’s where he found out what his favorite pest is: rodents! The reason? He said, “The customer reactions are the best with rats and mice. They’re always so excited when you can put all the clues together and create a rodent-free home or business.” That’s where experience and his A.C.E. training really shine.

When he’s not supporting his staff or chasing after pests, he enjoys hiking and visiting national parks with his wife, Larissa, and their children Jadon, Isabelle, Tucker, Benjamin, and Owen. Their favorite is Zion National Park in Utah. As Utah’s first national park, as they follow the paths where people have walked for thousands of years and gaze up at massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that soar into a brilliant blue sky we can certainly understand why that’s a family fave. Joshua and his family are also fans of the L.A. Lakers and San Diego Chargers. Since they lived in San Diego before relocating here and with the lack of professional basketball and football teams in Kentucky, we’ll give him a pass on this one.

All in all, OPC is lucky to have Joshua on the team. We look forward to his knowledge and experience serving the company, the employees, and the customers for years to come. He seems to look forward to it, too. When asked about his position here at OPC, he said, “I consider myself fortunate to be a part of OPC team. Everyone works together to find the best solutions and never cares who gets the credit.” Thank you, Joshua. As a “people first” organization, OPC loves to hear they’ve hit the mark on that. From your work family, congratulations on your promotion, Joshua, and thank you for making OPC Pest Services an even better place to work.

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