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Summertime Blues

What a strange summer thus far. Cooler temperatures have meant less activity for some pests such as ants and a rise in other pests such as spiders and mosquitoes. Typically during the dog days of summer ants are raging and entering homes to escape the heat and look for moisture. Wow what a difference a year makes. Last year we were looking for relief from the heat and this year is quite the opposite. While the lower temps have been great for some outdoor activities, pool attendance has been down. Mosquitoes also continue to be a problem. We have seen one of the worst mosquito seasons in years. Be sure to wear insect repellent outside to prevent from becoming their dinner. As we exit summer and look forward into fall, monitor your spider activity. We have the program that targets your spider problem. Just ask about our Four Seasons Program.  Our program is a hassle free exterior service performed every three months.

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