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Rodents Can Ruin Your Holiday Festivities

OPC Pest Services is here to deal with your rodent problems!

As winter days grow short, and the holidays are upon us, you may hear the sound of little feet scurrying about the attic or basement, trying to come inside from the cold. Don’t mistake them for reindeer. It’s very possible that you may have some uninvited guests for the holiday season — rats or mice! And trust us, nothing brings a party to a sudden end like someone seeing a rodent run through the festivities.

And if you see one mouse or rat, chances are you haven’t seen them all. They can slip through the smallest crack. And they have tiny, sharp teeth that enable them to gnaw through virtually any substance, causing expensive damage and additional points of entry. Once they are in your home or office building, they can breed very quickly and become a big nuisance, or worse, a rapidly spreading health problem. 

You can’t afford to let your rodent problem get out of control.

While rodents like mice and rats may resemble those cute, cuddly playmates your children keep in a cage as pets, they are anything but friends to your home. To keep their teeth as sharp as possible they must constantly gnaw on wood, drywall, wiring, furnishings and much more. They love to make themselves at home just about anywhere by building their nests in clothing, towels, bedding, paper/magazines and beyond. They’re constantly looking for an easy meal, especially around the kitchen. So, you’ll also find them in your pantry, cabinets or under sinks and appliances. 

Don’t put out the welcome mat for rodents.

  • Store foods and house pet food in airtight bins or containers. Those are known to be the biggest culprits!
  • It’s Christmas season! So make sure you go through any storage boxes with Christmas lights or decorations in the garage before you bring them inside
  • Make sure to keep counters and floors free from food waste
  • Don’t leave fruits and vegetables out in the open
  • Ensure trash is not stored inside your home, especially at night
  • Keep trash in tightly sealed bins
  • Seal any open cracks, openings and entryways

Rodent problems sometimes go outside the home.

Outdoor rodents, such as moles or voles, may cause damage around your yard and landscaping, destroying plants and creating burrow holes and tunnels throughout your lawn. Squirrels can cause particularly challenging issues if they are allowed to nest in attics, walls or outbuildings. Rats and mice are also drawn to outside shelters for pets or livestock and their feeding areas. OPC Pest Services specialists will develop a customized plan to deal with the specific pest problem outside your home.

So How Do You Get Rid Of Your Rodent Problems For Good?

Whatever you do, don’t try to take on a rodent problem on your own. Rodents carry a variety of diseases that can cause serious health problems if you are bitten. It’s imperative that you contact an experienced pest control professional that can get your rodent problem under control and eliminate it. 

And that’s exactly what OPC Pest Services offers. We develop a comprehensive plan that can include a variety of techniques and technology including traps, poisons and other methods to eliminate rodent infestations. We completely evaluate each property and seal any cracks or openings in walls, foundations, crawlspaces, basements and attics. And then we can develop and schedule a maintenance plan with follow-up visits to make sure these pests are gone for good.

If you’ve seen a rodent running around your home, business, yard or outbuilding, then you most likely have a problem that should be looked into!  Don’t hesitate to contact OPC Pest Services today to discuss our Pest Management Services for rodent problems and keep your home rodent free this winter season!

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