Brown Recluse Spiders

How do I get rid of Brown Recluse spiders?

OPC has a dedicated Brown recluse spider program.  Our program is not your typical service.  Our service is extremely thorough and typically takes several hours to complete.  We will meticulously treat all areas the spiders frequent.  We treat all the areas of the home including the attic with different pesticides to achieve the greatest results.

We will place monitoring glue boards throughout to record the level of activity and to identify any potential hot spots.

Brown recluse is not a do-it-yourself project.  Request your free inspection and estimate.  Our service is backed by a Brown recluse spider service agreement.


Characteristics of the Brown Recluse

What Do Brown Recluse Spiders Look Like?

Brown recluse spiders are one of two poisonous spiders in our area.  It is sometimes referred to as a ‘fiddleback’ or ‘violin’ spider due to the identifiable violin marking.  The color can vary from tan to dark brown.

Where Do Brown Recluse Spiders Live?

Brown recluse live outdoors under logs, woodpiles, debris and rocks.

Brown recluse can live virtually anywhere indoors.  They are commonly identified in attics and are resilient to survive in the winter in unheated basements and garages.

what about their habits?

They given their name due to their reclusive nature and prefer to retreat to dark and secluded areas especially during daylight hours.  They will hunt at night in search for dead or alive insect prey.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Dangerous?

While brown recluse spiders are not aggressive they are one of two poisonous spiders in our area.  They most commonly bite in response to body pressure when they are inadvertently trapped against bare skin.  Bites are commonly misdiagnosed.  In rare circumstances a necrotic-like sore could result (too gross to show here). 

The fangs of brown recluse a very small and will not allow them to bite through clothing.

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What Our Customers Say

"We had OPC come to treat our house. They set a time to be there and they showed up at that time. They arrived on time and took time to explain what they planned to do and the amount of time it would take. They were very efficient and professional. The completed the job in the time promised. After the service they contacted us about the results and came back to our house in a couple of weeks to check to see if the problem was taking care of to our satisfaction. It was!!!"
Mr. Walter Knoop
"Very happy with my service and the techs were very nice and informative. Very helpful!"
Ms. Wilson
"We have a great service tech, Brian. He is very detail oriented and respectful of our residents. Brian will stay on the property until the job is complete, as he obviously takes pride in his work. We are very thankful to have him, working on our property."
Buckingham Apartments
"The best company I’ve ever worked for!!!"
Ms. Lauren Sturgill
"James is very thorough and always takes care of our issues. We can count on his service being top notch!"
Ms. Lori Taylor
"Great job...the exterminator was professional and polite!"
Mr. William Wilburne
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