Commercial Tick Control

How OPC gets rid of ticks

No matter the kind of tick infestation you have in the areas around your business, you need it taken care of. Our Board Certified Entomologists know where they tend to hang out so they can have their technicians target tick removal services where they will be the most successful. They will also work with you to educate your landscapers so they know what to do to mitigate areas around your business that could be tempting to ticks.

OPC Tick Reduction Plan

Step One


We will identify and focus on the areas around your business where the highest density of ticks may be.

Step Two


We will treat twice a year, making sure to use the appropriate products to take care of the current life stage.

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Step Three


Add on the tick box control system to take care of the ticks that are attached to rodents around your home.

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  • Board Certified Entomologists
    Expertise in every industry and every pest.

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This ground-breaking new system uses bait that’s attractive to rodents like mice and chipmunks – both known carriers of ticks. The rodents move through the box to get to the bait and pass under a small applicator wick that applies a low-dose insecticide. Without harming the rodent or any other animal that might touch or even eat them, the insecticide will kill the ticks that the rodents are carrying and even protect the rodents for up to 40 days against any new ticks. Add on this Tick Box Control System around your business and get even better tick control.
  • Proven effective in reducing
    the number of ticks
  • Doesn’t hurt the rodents
    or wildlife that may eat them
  • Self-contained, discreet, and
    lasts for months
  • Easy to use, low maintenance,
    and highly effective
  • Reduce the chances of
    contracting Lyme
  • Treats ticks on the rodents
    & others that attach later

Problems Caused by Ticks

There are a couple ticks that you can find around your business in the the Midwest area. Even though in the Midwest it’s rare that you’ll find the one that carries Lyme disease, it’s certainly not unheard of. But, there are others in our area that transmit ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – so you have a few important reasons to bring in a tick exterminator!

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