Scenting Program

Controlling odors in and around your business using the most powerful sense.

Why OPC scent services

Pungent odors will cause complaints by customers, residents, and employees and attract pests to your business. Their noses are much better and more sensitive than ours, so even if you can’t smell the garbage in your dumpsters, rats, cockroaches, and flies surely can. Our AirErase™ product can take care of unpleasant smells.

Multiple studies have shown consumers exposed to a scented environment have better recall of their experience and rate brands to be more appealing, engaging, memorable, and meaningful. Using scent marketing by adding our AirEnhance™ product to your business can use the sense of smell to your advantage. Choose from two different services depending on what your business needs:
Our AirErase™ product doesn’t just cover up odors. It will neutralize lingering foul odors to make the air in the area fresher to smell and to breath. Our system employs a patented diffusion technology to emit a dry micro-mist from a commercial scent machine that consists of natural and synthetic molecules that cling to the air and neutralize the bacteria in the air that can cause odors. It’s the perfect choice to erase the smell in and around dumpsters and trash areas, in restrooms where obvious odors can be, in restaurants where the smell of grease or the fryer may be strong, in locker rooms where sweat and body odor can be prevalent, in hair and nail salons where some products are necessary but may not have a pleasant scent, funeral homes, and anywhere else you want the air to be free from all odors.

Our AirEnhance™ product will truly enhance the air in your space. A commercial scent diffuser will puff out your choice of essential oil formulas to fill the air with a mild aroma. It can be used in areas where there could be a negative smell but should also be used in areas where there may not be any smell at all. Fragrances can help you sell more and create happier customers who will connect emotionally to your brand. Retail stores can have the unit discretely placed at the entrance and in changing rooms to create a calming experience throughout their store. Luxury hotels and apartments and condominiums can provide the people staying in that building an enhanced olfactory experience that is consistent with their brand.

Why a scenting program?

Often overlooked, smell is the sense most strongly connected to the emotional center in our brains. In fact, we are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear, or taste. When it comes to enhancing emotion, evaluation, willingness to visit a store, and purchase intention, scent has the strongest impact.

Customer Stay 44% Longer

The American Marketing Association reports that people stay up to 44% longer in businesses that smell good.

45% More Revenue

At a Las Vegas casino, slot machines in a scented area generated 45% more revenue than machines in non-scented areas.

84% More Likely to Buy

One study reported shoppers were 84% more likely to buy a pair of shoes in a scented room – and would even pay more for them.

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