Expert Pest Control

Welcome to OPC Pest Services!

Expert Pest logoWe are pleased to announce Expert Pest Control and OPC Pest Services are joining forces to bring you even better pest control services. As two the Midwest-based companies, we are proud to strengthen our ability to serve our customers in our hometown and beyond.
Expert Pest Control has always provided you with excellent pest control services. Being acquired by OPC Pest Services allows customers of Expert Pest Control to benefit from:
  • QualityPro certified and licensed technicians
  • More Board Certified Entomologists
  • 24-hour guaranteed response times
  • The OPC 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What You Can Expect

The technicians and staff you have trusted with your pest control at Expert Pest Control are the same. The telephone number you used to call may have changed, but the top-notch pest control you have become accustomed to from Expert Pest Control won’t. At OPC Pest Services, our customers are priority 1! Welcome to the family.
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“They always want to make sure the customer is satisfied. I have been with OPC for over 10 years. Highly recommend!”

Donna R.
Louisville, KY