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OPC Pest Control joins NPMA Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force

Donnie Blake, President, OPC Pest Control has joined the NPMA Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force.

Fairfax, Va. — The National Pest Management Association established the NPMA Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force, a broad-based stakeholder group whose goal is the development of an industry-wide comprehensive response to the bed bug pandemic sweeping the globe, including education, best practices, policy and research.

“The Bed Bug Blue Ribbon Task Force is simultaneously addressing a broad range of topics,” said NPMA senior vice president Bob Rosenberg, “but will focus initially on the development of best practices for bed bug inspections and treatment, including K-9 inspections. The task force’s efforts are designed to ensure that the pest management industry remains at the forefront of the war on bed bugs and ensure the continued credibility of the industry with consumers, media and policy makers.”

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