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The common and the not-so-common pests in our area.

We Know Pest

Whether it’s the mosquitoes we can’t seem to shake every summer to the moles that love to ruin your landscaping, OPC Pest Services can take care of them all.
Trust OPC to take care of the pests.

How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Pests

It depends on many factors. The main three are: what is the biology of the pest, what is the level of infestation, and are the conditions in the area contributing to the problem? The trained professionals at OPC Pest Services do a thorough inspection to come up with the best solution to solve your pest problem, including making recommendations to address any conditions that may be contributing to it. In addition, we will train you, your family, your employees – anyone that frequents the property – on what to do to help them not come back.

Do You Have to Use Chemicals to Get Rid of Pests

In many cases, we do not. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which relies on non-chemical as well as chemical management techniques. The principle is that we evaluate the situation and apply the right treatment method (chemical or not) to each situation, often relying on mechanical control, physical controls, and preventative controls first. However, since our technicians are trained to use pesticides, they will apply them only in the safest way possible. Remember, the products we’re using are only a small part of what we do for pest control. Other aspects of IPM include conducting thorough inspections, educating you on making your property less hospitable to pests, and utilizing exclusions to help keep pests out. We also make sure to apply our products with a targeted treatment strategy so the product only goes where it will be the most effective.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost

The cost of our services always depends on the type of pest issue you have. The location of the pest issue and the size of the home or business are factors in determining price as well. Our most cost-effective program offers year-round protection for the most common pests in the area. A service like this includes routine visits spread out throughout the year and includes free emergency service visits for any covered pest that may pop up in between regular visits. Keep in mind that having more routine services done can save you money to prevent larger infestations down the road. And more frequent service could save you on the per-service cost. Always talk to your salesperson for the best answers to cost questions.

Can I DIY Pest Control

Self-treating for pests can sometimes make the situation worse. Several over-the-counter products can counteract the professional products that a technician may use. Also, many of the over-the-counter products available are low in effectiveness and sometimes can even repel pests, causing them to spread out. For example, bed bugs are notoriously difficult to treat without a professional. There’s a lot of research showing that using over-the-counter methods can push them into different rooms or more difficult hiding spots. All that will do is create an infestation in an area of your home or business that is more difficult to treat. Additionally, self-treating can cause safety issues for people and pets. It’s also not a good idea to overlap different products on top of each other creating your very own chemical experiment. Getting rid of excess product doesn’t mean just throwing them in the trash, either. Our technicians are not only trained to use the products, they are certified too. It’s the safest and most effective way to treat for pests and they take excess product with them.

How Soon Before I See Results

Results are fully dependent on the pest, the size of the infestation, and if there are conditions in the area contributing to the pest. The technician can give a reasonable time expectation on when you will start to see results once they do an inspection and assess what’s going on.