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World Pest Day

World Pest Day Recognizes Pest Control Industry’s Role in Protecting Public Health and Property

OPC Pest Services educates homeowners on the threats pest pose to health and property

Louisville, KY (June DAY, 2024) – World Pest Day, which takes place on June 6 each year, is an observance dedicated to recognizing and raising awareness for the role the pest control industry plays in protecting public health, food, and property from the threats posed by pests. Pest control is such a vital element of our society that public health officials attribute it as one of three reasons for the heightened quality of life we have today.

“As we enter peak pest season, it’s so important for Americans to be aware of the threats many species in our area pose to not only our homes but our health,” said Joshua Garcia, Region Manager. “As pest control professionals we’re dedicated to helping the public protect what matters most to them and World Pest Day is just a reminder of the important work our team does day in and day out. Today and every day, we encourage homeowners to contact a professional if they suspect a pest problem. DIY won’t cut it when it comes to the health and safety of your family.”

In recognition of World Pest Day, OPC is joining the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) in calling attention to pests that pose the biggest threat to health and property:

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