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Ant Infestation in the Home

If you’ve seen a few ants scuttling around on the floor inside your home, they might be having a look around or it might be the sign of a larger ant infestation. These tiny insects usually invade your home in search of food. When a scout ant figures out your house is an excellent source of food, it leaves a scent for other ants to follow. It’s vital to get rid of an ant infestation as soon as possible. Not only are ants a bother, but some species of ants, like carpenter ants, can significantly damage your home. If carpenter ants have infested your property, their tunneling can harm your structure.

Why Are Ants In My Home

Ants could be in your home for multiple reasons, including a lack of good cleaning, your foundation has cracks, vegetation is close to your home, or other influences. Knowing ants can enter the home in many ways, it’s important to have OPC Pest Services identify the cause of the issue and correct the infestation.

Ant Infestation Signs

If you’re seeing large numbers of live ants then you may problem. If you find them in your kitchen or in areas where you prepare food, then you need to do something to prevent them from entering the home. Ants walking in pathways in and out of your home or premises is another sign. Some types of ants will lay down a pheromone trail to a food source. This chemical attracts other ants to find the food. Ant nests, another sign of infestation, can look like a small pile of soil or dirt. Some species of ants like to make their home in walls or other quiet, dark places, which are more difficult to spot.

Dealing With An Infestation

When dealing with ant infestations in your home or business, get in touch with our experts. OPC Pest Services understand the habits of different types of ants and can offer the most appropriate and effective solution.

Preventative Measures To Take In The Home

  • Clean up food immediately— If there’s any food or liquid spilled, even a few crumbs, it’s best to clean up right away because a tiny crumb is enough to attract ants to your home!
  • Sweep under appliances— When crumbs fall onto the floor, they can collect and build up under the kitchen appliances. Ants are always scouting for food and it only takes a few pieces of food lying around for them to tell their friends!
  • Food Storage— Try not to leave any open containers or bags of food around. Store food in airtight containers or seal them tightly with clips. Ants can also get through refrigerator seals! Any open fruit bowls should be emptied regularly.
  • Pets— Clean up your pets’ left over food or spillage right away. Ants also like to eat pet food that has been left on the ground.
  • Seal Cracks— Ants can get through seals in all cracks and crevices around windows and doors. Make sure to check for leaks from time to time and seal up those cracks!
  • Outside Bins— Any trashcans should have secured lids on them as ants can easily detect food in the bins.

OPC Pest Services understands the risks of an ant infestation in the home and that’s why we make it a priority to eliminate the problem right away. Call an OPC specialist now for a Free Estimate!

Call today and ask for a free, no-obligation termite inspection for your home! 

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