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Category: Ants

Ant Information for Removal, Identification & Prevention

Did you know that some ants have wings? Are you curious about what kinds of ants are found in the Midwest? Written by the OPC research team and pest experts, our blog posts cover a range of ant facts and important insect information to help people protect their homes and businesses from damage and infestation.

Check out our ant information blog posts to learn more about these common household pests. Whether you need to identify the ants you’ve discovered in your kitchen or you just want to find ways to prevent the insects from entering your home, you’ll find all that information and more in our ant blogs.

From images of different ant species to detailed information about nesting behaviors and other signs of infestation, our comprehensive ant information guide includes everything you need to spot pest problems in your home before they get out of control. Need more help? Contact OPC Pest Services to get a free home inspection.

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