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The Green Way To Help Control Pests in Your Attic

In addition to providing superior energy efficiency for your home, TAP insulation is also the green, sustainable choice for those looking for an eco-friendly way to keep pests out. From production to operation to disposal, TAP cellulose insulation is one of the greenest building products in the world. Cellulose insulation takes less energy to make than other insulation products, is made from 80% recycled paper, reduces your home’s carbon footprint by saving energy, and provides no post-installation waste.

Green Provides Sustainability

The importance of selecting products that are sustainable and green are critical to the future. Now that we are experiencing longer life-spans, shouldn’t the products we choose to use or interact with promise, and deliver, in the area of sustainability? TAP Pest Control Insulation, for example, diverts thousands of pounds of post-consumer paper from landfills each year and creates a product that provides a more energy-efficient home that is protected from pests permanently.

Being Green Can Save You Money

TAP Pest Control Insulation is an environmentally responsible product, manufactured from 87.5% post-consumer content and is proud to carry the ENERGY STAR® seal. We are committed to offering the highest quality insulation product available.


While most green products on the market today come with a slightly higher price tag, the lifetime savings usually outweigh the original sticker shock. In addition to the benefits for your wallet, green products often help to conserve your home’s energy. Remember, a well-insulated home is a comfortable home!

Because TAP is Energy Star rated, you can trust that the product delivers on its claims of creating a more energy-efficient home. Add in that TAP® controls pests and the decision to install is an easy one.

 Our experience shows that homeowners routinely save upwards of 15% on their energy bills after the installation of TAP®! According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), 44% of a homeowner’s utility bill goes for heating and cooling costs. DOE states that homeowners may be able to reduce their energy bills from 10% to 50% by taking certain steps. One of the major steps is increasing the amount of thermal insulation in their existing homes.

Green Products are Innovative

Products such as LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and metal roofing/siding tend to make a big environmental impact through innovation. Look at TAP Pest Control Insulation for a minute. In addition to being a superior insulation material, the entire product is an EPA-registered pesticide proven to control self-grooming insects that tend to nest in attics and walls. Green and innovative? It is just another reason why OPC Pest Services and wildlife professionals choose to offer TAP and so many homeowners request it to be installed in their home!

Is TAP Pest Control Insulation an EPA-Registered Pesticide?

TAP Pest Control Insulation is an EPA-registered pesticide that’s scientifically proven to control pests and protect your home, as well as being safe for your family and pets! Other insulation can be treated by an EPA-registered product to protect the insulation itself, but can’t protect your home from pests and the damage they cause to your home and family’s health.

How is TAP Insulation Installed?

Before TAP Insulation can be installed in your home, your attic will need to be inspected by an OPC professional. During the inspection, they’ll determine how much insulation you’ll need, the location of any heat sources that may need to be blocked off, the nature of your attic’s ventilation, and the condition of any existing insulation. Following are the steps that follow the inspection.

Protecting Your Home

The OPC crew will protect all the living areas in your home that could be affected during the installation. Specialized machines are used during the installation, but they’ll remain on the technician’s truck. Make sure to leave ample room in your driveway for their trucks. Also make sure to put your pets in a secure location to avoid any mishaps with the crew or equipment.

Preparing Your Attic

Next, our professionals will create barriers around any heat-producing sources and ensure that none of the ventilation in your attic will be blocked by the new insulation. They’ll also install attic rulers designed to assist them installing an even layer of TAP insulation in your attic. It’s recommended that you turn off your HVAC unit and leave it off for at least two hours after the installation is completed.


After your home and attic are prepped, our installer will run a three inch hose into your attic that will blow the insulation into place. Typically, one installer will remain in the attic while another loads the insulation from the truck. While special steps are taken to minimize the amount of dust, there may be a small amount that settles near the attic’s entrance, which will be cleaned by our technicians before they leave.

Clean Up & Quality Control

Once the installation is complete, our crew will re-inspect the attic to ensure that there’s an even spread of installation that’s equal to the agreed upon R-value. After that, they’ll get to work cleaning up any dust or debris.

After the Installation 

Once the installation and clean up are finished, a technician will place a warranty card inside your attic’s entrance for future reference. This warranty includes the amount of TAP installation installed and the new R-value.

More Questions About TAP Pest Control Insulation? 

If you’d like to learn more about TAP insulation, how it’s installed, it’s superior energy efficiency, and how it can keep your home pest free in an eco-friendly way, call OPC at (800) 964-PEST and set up a free estimate today!


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