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Your Spirit Animal – Bug Edition

We’ve heard a lot about spirit animals. I’m a sloth. I’m a honey badger. I’m a giraffe. But why? Are you slow and happy like a sloth? Are you scrappy and angry like a honey badger? Are you tall and majestic like a giraffe? Or do you just love how cute their long tongue is… Frankly, the reason doesn’t matter. What matters is that you resonate with the animal somehow. Did you know that bugs are also animals? So, it’s ok to choose a bug as your spirit animal. With over 5.5 million insect species to choose from, you’re sure to find one. But that can be overwhelming. We whittled it down to our top 10 choices. And a few honorable mentions. Which one are you?

1. The Pink Dragonfly

Image of crimson dropwing dragonfly(Male)/Trithemis aurora on nature background. Insect. Animal

Her daring pink color perfectly exudes her strong personality. Much like Barbie, she can be anything – a vet, an astronaut, a doctor, a roller blader – anything she wants. She’s a go-getter who knows what she wants. With her bold confidence, nobody will stand in her way of getting it, either. Her favorite drink is whiskey – neat.

2. The Butterfly

Richmond Birdwing butterfly perched on a tropical plant  This butterfly is also referred to as the Cairns Birdwing. This was shot horizontal but can be used as a vertical orientation,  Makes a beautiful print or greeting card.

The original fancy bug. She holds her antenna up high with grace and dignity. She prides herself on her manners and expects the same from those around her. She holds others up to her strict standards and is fiercely disappointed when they don’t rise to their potential. She will take you under her wing and mentor you and you will be glad she did. Her favorite drink is a Cosmo because you also have to have some fun.

3. The Walking Stick

A walking stick walking along a tree branch. Wisconsin.

She is powerful, practical, and strong. She is a no-nonsense kind of gal that does not enjoy drama. She is an introvert, but don’t get the idea that she’s shy. She’s just a private individual that is very selective about who she lets in. But if she does let you in, you’ll find she’s the most loyal friend you’ll ever have. But don’t wrong her. She will cut you off as easily as a leaf falling from a tree and you’ll never get back in. Her favorite drink is a dirty martini. Olives – not onions. Blue-cheese stuffed if you have them.

4. The Cuckoo Wasp

Chrysis - Ruby-tailed Wasp on a leaf

She is the first one in the pool, the first one taking a shot, and the first one on the dance floor. She takes her role as the life of the party seriously and feels down if someone isn’t having a great time. She tends to forget that some people may not want to dance or get in the pool. She’s not selfish – she’s just focused on having a good time. She’s also the best audience when you tell a joke but will also be the best shoulder to cry on. She’s your ride or die. Her favorite drink is whatever is cold, baby.

5. The Orchid Mantis

Orchid Mantis Camouflage. The praying mantis on leaf.

Just like this fancy bug’s exterior suggests, you should not judge this book by its cover. Her fancy exterior is just a mask. On the inside she’s a big softy that enjoys knitting scarfs for her friends for Christmas. She thinks deeply about which color she thinks will be right for each friend – that’s how thoughtful she is. Her best night would be sitting on the porch reading a good book. She also enjoys RomComs with a big bowl of popcorn. She’ll gladly invite you, but please don’t talk through the movie. It’s rude. Her favorite drink is an Irish coffee. Comforting and warm with a kick. Just like her.

6. The Regal Moth

This regal moth is a handsome specimen. It rests o the side of a rotting log. Bokeh effect.

This lady is a little shy but super maternal. She wears a sweet smile and is always making sure people are fed and healthy. She’s the one telling you to grab a sweater today and asking if you had lunch. She’ll gladly make you a sandwich or a nice Sunday meal. Sometimes she forgets to take care of herself, but she doesn’t care – her purpose is to take care of others. She can be forgetful but will never forget a friend’s birthday. She’s the first one to show up in good times and in bad. This fancy bug makes it her mission to be a loving and loyal friend. If you’re lucky enough to be her friend, you won’t be sorry. Her favorite drink is a nice, cold pinot grigio.

7. The Rainbow Grasshopper

An exotic and very weird grasshopper found in a National Ecological Park in Central Mexico.

You refuse to be defined. You go where the wind takes you and making plans or schedules is your kryptonite. You’re a free spirit that is just as happy walking on the beach as you are sledding down the snow covered hill. Small towns excite you as much as big cities and your chill attitude makes you the perfect person to travel with because you’re able to find beauty everywhere. Your favorite drink is a mojito – it’s as light and refreshing as you are.

8. The Luna Moth

Actias luna, Luna moth

While some may called you scatter-brained, you prefer the term multitasker. You love to start new hobbies and projects – even if you don’t finish them. Whether it’s painting, learning a new language, or starting a garden, you love to try new things and your interests are diverse. You’re artistic and creative. So what if you forget to buy toilet paper sometimes? You’ll have it delivered. Your favorite drink is a Long Island iced tea because the person that invented it seemed to grab a bunch of different things and just poured and you can get behind that tactic.

10. Dung Fly

Portrait of a common, fuzzy golden-yellow fly with bright red eyes.

You’re an intellectual. Feelings and warm and fuzzies are just not important to you. You’d rather be known for being smart than nice and that’s just fine with you because nice can be faked – smart cannot. You’re a problem solver which makes you an important part of society and an excellent friend. While some may poke fun at the word dung, you know it nourishes soil, helps plants grow, and is a natural and important part of the ecosystem, thank you very much. Your favorite drink is a bitter IPA. Just because.

Honorable mentions:

Carpet Beetle: for those interested in interior design.

macro shot of a varied carpet beetle on a white daisy

Lanternfly: for those that know they are superior.

Close up view of Pyrops candelaria on tree

Cockchafer: for those who have a hard time making decisions but their lashes are on point.

Cockchafer Melolontha May Beetle Bug Insect Macro Photo

Peacock Butterfly: for those that are extra and we’re ok with that.

Close up of a fresh colorful Peacock butterfly , Inachis io, posing on a green leaf

No matter which spirit bug is your spirit bug, it’s clear there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re a regal moth or an OG butterfly, we’re sure you can relate to one or more. Just keep in mind the purpose of your spirit animal. They are there to keep you grounded, to make you realize both your good and not-so-good qualities, to keep you present, and to ultimately connect you to nature. That’s a lot to ask of a little bug, but they’re up for the challenge.

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