Commercial Beetle Control

How OPC Helps

Our Board Certified Entomologists will not only find out where the beetles infestation is in your business, but the actual species you are dealing with. That way, the correct beetle extermination products and treatment strategies can be put into place. Often, misidentification of these tiny pests can result in further infestation as well as migration to other parts of your business. The expert knowledge OPC brings will make sure that doesn’t happen.
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Problems caused

There are several kinds of beetles in our area that can threaten businesses. Beetle infestations can cause serious problems depending on the kind of business they are in. Some are a threat to retail establishments, thrift shops, and museums that have tapestries or fabrics. There are many kinds that can feed on and destroy stored food products like flour, pet food, and many different kinds of grains. Not only can that take a bite out of your bottom line, but all it takes is sending a customer one bag of flour infested with beetles for you to lose that contract forever.
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Donna R.
Louisville, KY