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How OPC Helps

The trained eye of a OPC technician will find the entry points not as easily seen by the naked eye. They will then install exclusion and deterrent strategies to help keep squirrels (and other wildlife) out of your commercial building. Since they are trained to see more than just pest control tactics, they will also be able to recommend strategies to you and your employees to help with all of your pest issues. In addition, there are the sensitive rules around many different protected animals in our area. We know those rules, so you don’t have to worry about the squirrel treatments we are using to take care of them.

Problems caused

Squirrels are wild. Besides what a squirrel could do to the inside of a building, should a squirrel in your building feel threatened or cornered, the natural reaction is to lash out and bite. Squirrel’s warm, moist mouths can harbor tons of bacteria, and many can even transmit rabies. In addition, wildlife like squirrels in your business can turn patrons and employees away. Your reputation can suffer – and therefore affect your bottom line. Our squirrel control services can help with that.
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Donna R.
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