Squirrel Removal in Your Home

They look cute until you hear them scurrying in your attic.

Squirrel Control in My Business

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How we remove squirrels from your home

Don’t let the fluffy tail fool you. Squirrels can carry disease, can bring harmful parasites like ticks in with them, and chew on wood and wiring. That’s why squirrel pest control is important. While you don’t want to hurt the furry rodents, you still don’t want a fire hazard on your hands with chewed up wires. Our squirrel removal services can help escort them out in a humane way.

OPC squirrel reduction plan


We will inspect the interior and the exterior of your home to identify where they are coming in and what is attracting them.


We will customize an exclusion plan that fits your home and the kind of squirrel (or other wildlife!) that you may be dealing with.

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We will educate you on the ways squirrels can get in, how to fix them, and even who to call to do it.

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Why OPC?

We’re passionate about controlling squirrels in your home because we live and work here – it’s our neighborhood, too. We’ve been keeping homes and businesses in Kentucky, Indiana, and portions of Ohio safe from pests since 1972. OPC Pest Services has the experience you can trust.
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“They always want to make sure the customer is satisfied. I have been with OPC for over 10 years. Highly recommend!”

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