How do I get rid of moles?

Contrary to popular belief, baits, sonic chasers, repellants, mothballs and home remedies have no effect on moles. OPC will use an attractive and palatable bait called “Talpirid” which is scientifically proven to kill moles. The bait is designed to mimic an earthworm that can be easily identified by the mole.

We use a 3-Step Process to treat your problem.
Step 1: OPC will visit the property to map and evaluate the site to determine which runs are active.
Step 2: OPC will revisit the site to place the bait which mimics the earthworm in the active runs.
Step 3: Follow-up services will be performed to evaluate the results and determine if future baiting needs to occur.

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Characteristics of Moles

What Do Moles Look Like?

Moles typically have rounded, furry bodies with very small – almost inconspicuous – ears and eyes, and powerful limbs used for digging.

Where Do Moles Live?

The Eastern Mole is the most common mole and can create chaos in your lawn and landscaping. Moles are generally more active in late winter and early spring when breeding is at its peak. However, moles do not hibernate, they remain active all year long and are very territorial.

The #1 food source for moles is earthworms, which make up about 90% of their diet followed by grubs, which make up about 5% of their diet. Moles find their meal by feeling the vibration of the earthworm moving through the soil.

Are Moles Dangerous?

Moles sure can create havoc in your lawn. Typically the nicer your lawn is the greater your chances of moles in your lawn. Why? A nice lawn means good soil and good soil translates into lots of earthworms and earthworms are the greatest food source for moles.

Did you know that moles typically eat between 80-100% of their body weight every day? Moles can create 15-18 feet of tunnels per hour and can travel 80 feet per minute in existing tunnels.

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