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Residential & Commercial Disinfection Information
Is there a difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Should your company consider disinfectant services on a weekly or monthly schedule? To get the answers to these questions and more, OPC Pest Services has created this informational guide to help you get the facts about disinfection and make informed decisions for your the Midwest home or business.
Whether you own a hotel or apartment building, run an in-home daycare, operate a restaurant, or manage a processing plant, having up-to-date disinfection information is crucial for your employees, tenants, and customers. If you want a clean slate for your reopening office or an ongoing disinfectant service for your home or rental property, we’re here to help.
Why should you trust a pest control company for disinfection? The same federal agency that regulates pest chemicals also oversees disinfectant products, and our technicians have the training and expertise to handle both the products and the equipment safely and effectively. For more disinfectant info and tips, contact OPC Pest Services to get a free estimate and learn more about our treatment options.

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