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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are one of the worst types of infestation a person can have in their home. What makes bed bugs so repulsive is that fact that bed bugs feed on blood, including those of your loved ones. Additionally, they reproduce extremely fast with each female laying up to 5 eggs each day. That means in a bed bug’s 300 day lifespan a female bed bug can lay over 500 eggs.

Treatment Options

Heat Remediation

Time to turn up the heat on Bed Bugs!

Not all heat equipment is the same. We ONLY USE an industry approved electric heat system. DO NOT TRUST home-made propane or gas induced systems.

Why Use Heat to Treat Bed Bugs?

  • All insects have lethal temperature thresholds when all stages of the insect’s life cycle are killed. Heat allows us to reach these lethal target temperatures and eliminate bed bugs throughout the home.
  • Heat limits the total amount of pesticides used.
  • Preparation of the home is minimized compared to conventional treatment methods.
  • Can re-enter the home soon after the heat treatment has been performed.
  • Personal items and furniture can be retained following treatment that otherwise may have been discarded with conventional treatment methods.
OPC Pest Services - Thermal Remediation Thermometer

How Does Heat Eliminate Bed Bugs?

  • Electric heaters are placed throughout the home to heat the space between 120 – 135 degrees Farenheit.
  • Wireless sensors are strategically placed throughout the home to ensure lethal temperatures are reached throughout the space and to identify cold spots.
  • High temperature fans are introduced to move the hot air throughout the space and reach the cracks and crevices bed bugs hide.

Conventional Bed Bug Solutions

Conventional bed bug treatments are also known as chemical treatments. This method is more of a traditional approach in the treatment for bed bugs.

This treatment is designed so that different pesticide formulations are utilized in strategic areas of the home. These formulations may include liquids, aerosols and dusts. Each formulation is designed so that each work a little differently. One product may provide a more instant knock down effect while another product may give a longer residual effect.

We implement this approach to provide the most successful treatment possible.

The pros and cons of conventional treatments

OPC Pest Control - Conventional Bed Bug Treatment


  1. This method is typically more cost effective than heat remediation.
  2. The multiple formulations provide both an instant knock down while also providing a longer residual effect.
  3. Our service commitment carries a 90-Day Service Commitment and also includes two services performed within a 30 day period.


  1. This method requires significantly more preparation for the homeowner. The preparation is more intensive because of the need to handle and process all the furniture, personal items and clothing during the treatment. Many have related the preparation process as if they were moving. This preparation can be time consuming, but without preparation success can be difficult to achieve.


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